bring more visitors to your website!

Your button or banner creative can be displayed, to a combined viewership of over 5,000 unique visitors each day.

Options and Prices as follows:

A. Global Clickthru Button Program:

Your site's (90x40 pixel)  button creative displayed on ALL category pages.  Priced as low as 10 cents a click.

B. Global Impression Rotation Banner Program.

Your (468x60 pixel) banner joins the rotating banner program and is displayed on ALL pages throughout the site.

C. Individual home or category page banner advertising.

If there is a specific category or home page you find is particularly of interest and targeted to your traffic, you may purchase that pages top banner position.

Banner and link Locations are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Publication contracts may be discontinued at any time by advertiser or Company, on 7 days notice. All unused views or clickthrus are fully refundable. If notice to discontinue is not given, the ads automatically continue to run until prepaid fees have been expensed.

Banners and any other advertising materials, text, etc. are subject to approval. Nudity is not accepted any location except in a fixed banner position at adult.html. In no situations will obscenity, profanity, etc, etc, be accepted.

Banners can be static or animated, under 15k size, sized 468x60 pixels.

Buttons can be static or animated, under 7k size, sized 90x40 pixels.

Minimum payment should be made in full BEFORE the start of any advertising program,
by Company Check, Money Order, Bank Draft, Credit card etc.

For further information, prices, check availability, payment details, approval of banner or text, etc. please contact.

Contact  or call 1-858-720-0203


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